My Teaching

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I teach several courses that cover aspects of South Asian legal history. All are undergraduate courses in the UW Legal Studies program, an interdisciplinary major that combines law, the social sciences and humanities.

Here are my Legal Studies syllabi: History of Forensic Science (spring 2020) • Law and Colonialism (spring 2013) • Lawyers & Judges in the British Empire (spring 2008) • Legal Pluralism (spring 2020). I also teach Contracts I to first-year law students at the UW Law School.

For information on Legal Studies programs across the US, visit the Consortium of Undergraduate Law & Justice Programs’ website.

For a collection of legal history syllabi, see the Triangle Legal History Seminar’s Legal History on the Web.

Office hours: Tuesday @ 2.30-4pm during spring semester 2020. My office is 6112 at the UW Law School. Please e-mail me to set up a meeting at any other time: I will be away on a research fellowship in academic year 2020-21.

(version updated on 17 Feb. 2020)