Jigsaw discussions for Law teaching

For the past few years, I’ve been using jigsaw discussions in my undergraduate teaching. A jigsaw discussion is a structured small-to-large group discussion exercise. Students read different readings on a similar theme and explain them to each other. I posted here on the version I use in these small classes of about 25 students (with thanks to UW-Madison’s Discussion Project). This semester, I’ve been experimenting with jigsaw discussions in my first-year law  course of 72 students. Here is what we did for a jigsaw discussion on contracts and power.  This particular exercise enriched my Contracts I course by bringing in more legal history (reading A), more on race and law (readings A, B, D),  and more small-group discussion (as opposed to our usual full-class format for in-class discussion). It worked well with a 1-hour time block, but longer could be even better.