Digital law journals: research you can do during the pandemic (part 2)

More ideas for research you can do with the archives closed (part 1 is here): make the most of historical law journals from South Asia. These journals are now starting to be available digitally. They include articles on particular areas of law, obituaries of leading lawyers and judges, book reviews, and reprinted articles from law journals elsewhere in the world.

Here are some ways to get started:

  1. Search article title listings from seven leading journals (1891-1947) here. You can then search for the journals themselves in a university library catalogue or via the platforms below. If you request a scan of the article through Interlibrary Loans, add a note on pagination (see below).
  2. Look at digitized journal issues on the following platforms (by subscription):
    • Allahabad Law Journal: HeinOnline Law Journal Library
    • Bombay Law Journal: Hathi Trust
    • Bombay Law Reporter: Hathi Trust
    • Burma Law Journal: HeinOnline Law Journal Library
    • Calcutta Law Journal: HeinOnline Law Journal Library, LLMC Digital
    • Ceylon Law Review: Hathi Trust
    • Contemporary Law Review: Hathi Trust
    • Criminal Law Journal of India: Hathi Trust
    • Hindu Law Journal: Hathi Trust, LLMC Digital
    • Indian Jurist: Hathi Trust
    • Indian Law Journal: Hathi Trust
    • Madras Jurist: Hathi Trust
    • Madras Law Journal: Hathi Trust
    • Madras Legal Companion: Hathi Trust
    • Madras Weekly Notes: Hathi Trust
    • Monthly Criminal Law Journal [of India]: Hathi Trust
    • Nagpur Law Journal: Hathi Trust
    • Oudh Law Journal: HeinOnline Law Journal Library
    • Oudh Weekly Notes, a weekly journal: Hathi Trust
    • Patna Law Journal: Hathi Trust
    • Patna Law Weekly: Hathi Trust
    • Travancore Law Journal: Hathi Trust
  • 3. If you don’t have access to these platforms (or if your journal of interest is not included above), you can find certain issues of the following journals on Internet Archive and/or Google Books, open access:
    • Ajmer-Merwara Law Journal
    • Allahabad Law Journal
    • Bombay Law Reporter (journal section)
    • Burma Law Journal
    • Calcutta Law Journal
    • Ceylon Law Journal
    • Ceylon Law Review
    • Criminal Law Journal of India
    • Indian Jurist
    • Indian Law Journal
    • Madras Law Journal

Hopefully this list will quickly become outdated as new titles come online.

Here is a fuller list of historical law journals from South Asia (all formats).

Note on  pagination: Many of these journals contain two sections: an articles section and a judgments section. The pagination often restarts at zero in each section. So if you are looking for a particular page number in a particular volume, you may have to search twice. In other words, be sure you are in the articles section, not the judgments section. Interlibrary Loan article scans sometimes come back wrong because the person scanning was in the judgments section.