Women in Law (part 2)

Last month, I posted this passage from A.J.C. Mistry’s law firm memoirs on the early history of women in the legal profession in British India. This month, I’m sharing a list of life writing titles (memoirs, autobiographies, farewell speeches) by women in law in South Asia. This means lawyers, judges, scholars, and legal scholactivists. Thanks to everyone on Twitter who contributed, including: @angryoungmanno1, @itihaasnaama, @kalramnath, @mssanjanam, @MihirCN, @smukherjee, and @vikramhegde. The original thread is here. These titles are in English unless otherwise indicated. Please e-mail if you know of any other titles (especially from outside of India): mitra.sharafi@wisc.edu

Life Writing by Women in Law in South Asia

For interviews with leading women in Pakistan’s legal profession today, watch for Pakistan’s Women In Law by the Lahore Education and Research Network (LEARN). Contact info@learnpak.com.pk for further information.