More ideas for teaching

Following up on my last post, here are a few other teaching ideas from my friend Arudra Burra, who teaches at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi:

  • “I require students to post online class notes once or twice in the semester, which are graded. Typically I ask two students to post notes summarising the class content and discussion for that day. At the end of a semester, it’s a valuable resource for students to have a sense of what has been covered, and it gives me an opportunity to see what they are getting from that class.
  • I give the students a questionnaire on the death penalty at the start of the course (this is a questionnaire sent out by the Law Commission of India some years ago when it was doing a report on the death penalty). I take it back and give it to them again in the last day of class. Their final assignment, handed over during the final exam, is to fill out the questionnaire again, compare their answers, and write a short note reflecting what has changed for them, and why.
  • This semester I’m going to experiment with ‘1-minute essays‘ every week.”

Happy teaching, everyone!